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We do offer a set of services in the sky as much creative as original within the optimal safety conditions. Our services are provided through experiences pilots and droppers with many years of experiences in their areas.

In addition, "J'écris dans le ciel" does offer activities for specially dedicated parties to provide them an added value for all kinds of business events.

Should you require to be provided with any additionnal information or to call for any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Roses in the wind

Largage de fleursWhat can be dropped from the sky other than rain or snow ?
Petals of roses. More than hundreds of thousands of rose petals dropped from the sky to cover everything down by the location and when this feeric rain is submerging the for you the park of the castle, it is all your love that blossoms from happiness.
An engine noise will suddenly sound in the sky and a large and beautiful metal butterfly will appear at the tops of the trees. And suddenly drop down hundred of thousands petals of roses will fall over your guests delighted.

They would hardly believed it that suudenly the rose and white smellings of the drain will fall over the park in a wonderful and feeric deluge.

Emotion and extase will submerge all over. Hand in hand you would look at the sky to smell the perfume of roses leave the petals caressing your faces.

To know more about, don't hesitate to contact us.


Dancing in the sky

Spectacle aérienHave you ever imagine a flight of patrolling planes passing over your heads in an astonishing aerial ballet.  Supersonic jets evolving over in your sky engraving the signs of your love for her and him ?

The jets will take off from the nearby airport base and will fly in a short while over the place of your reception. Over your astonished eyes the pilots would perform unbreathable piloting exercises and demonstrations.

Through their flying exercises and unbelievable performances they will offer you an unique spectacle and show. Whether on the occasion of a wedding or any other festive event, "J'écris dans le ciel" will organize these magic moments that will remain engraved in your memories and in the ones of your guests.


To know more about, don't hesitate to contact us.



The happiness is in the sky

Tractage de banderoleWho has ever thaught to ask for the hand of his lovely person by rolling down a banner in the sky and demonstrating his love for the one he desires to share his life and love with ?

Who has ever dreamed to astonish his partner or someone of this beloved ones that you like to call for and you desire to show all your lovely affection ?

A plane flies over and carries a banner that delivers your message. The surprise is warranted and heart feeling is all over the assembly.

To know more about, don't hesitate to contact us.




A message from the sky

Largage de parachutistesEnjoy an exceptional moment thanks to our team of droppers who dreaming of like ICARE fly in the air like birds of full of grace.

A dreaming show that brings you in the feery of flying men your guests will admire and enjoy. We can gear our flying men with smoking lights or with costumes in line with your event celebration.

To know more about, don't hesitate to contact us.




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